Dr. Rich Szecsy (former President of TACA) on the success of the TACA Emerging Leaders Academy 

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Peak Performance Group Announces year 5 of the TACA ELA


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Supervisor input


“The two managers that we have in this program have utilized their training at our business. It has helped them with better understanding others, how to achieve better results, and provided a direction and path for their own future.”

Supervisor Input

“Our employees are enthusiastic about going to the meetings. They take pride in the fact that they were selected. They seem to be more confident in their jobs. They've made other industry contacts that they feel confident in calling to brain storm an idea or to get recommendations about an issue. I think that his last aspect will be more evident as they get to know each other better.”

Supervisor Input

"Working in a group of peers on a specific project has helped our employee to understand what leadership qualities are necessary to work both locally and remotely to accomplish the project."

Participant Input

“Surrounded by others within the industry that are encouraged to improve both themselves personally and their company which helped motivate myself. Our instructor has been very impactful on helping me improve and practices what he preaches.”

Participant Input

“I am able to capitalize on opportunities to step-up as a leader in my current role and realize the importance of doing so. I am also learning to delegate some of my responsibilities as I have been working towards achieving a better balance between work and personal activities.”

Participant Input

“I am more confident and not afraid to speak up if I have an opinion or idea on a project our department is working on. My project management skills are improving; I am better organized and set goals throughout the project. I feel that I am a better communicator.”

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Hear right from the participants.  Emerging Leaders Academy Testimonials from current students.

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