About Us


Rick Kolster, CBC


Coaching Experience: 15 years
Position: Founder & Head Coach

"Coach" Rick established the
​Peak Performance Group in 2003 to provide development programs that will help leaders and teams grow and work together more effectively and cohesively.  His philosophy is that every leader should be a servant and focus on making the people around them better. He provides the vision and forward thinking and is our 

Head Coach and the Dean of the Emerging Leaders Academy


John Burt

Coaching Experience: 3 years

Position:  Senior Associate

John has been a professional in sales, marketing and business development for over 20 years. He began coaching to share his love of helping others. He brings a wealth of knowledge to clients helping them grow their business and increase sales. He is also a 25 year veteran Texas High School football official, officiating over 1000 games and 20 playoff games in his career. 

(and if you know Texas football, you know this is serious business)


Megan Pagoulatos


Years of experience: 5
Position: Director of Client Relations

Megan started with us as an intern and after graduating from Texas A&M went on to become our first staff member supporting sales, programming and our client services team.


Dr. Michael Bolen


Years of experience: 10
Position: Exec. Director Business Growth

​Dr Michael Bolen, or just Mike, is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and former Marine officer.  He is an expert in the areas of  creating leaders and helping businesses increase revenue and improve performance. He heads our ELA advisory board and business development efforts.